Privacy Policy


If you only came for the purpose of reading the content on our website than science lecturer won’t collect or gather any information of yours. Usually the prior information is submitted in server logs.

Cookies notice

we here at science lecturer use cookies in terms of small files which transmit from a website to visitor hard drives or browsers for the only purpose of record-keeping later. We use certain cookies for essential, functional and analytical purpose in order to collect data and store further it in login database. This information may include your IP address, or the general location where you are actually accessing the internet via your computer and any other device while using our services.

Science lecturer also uses cookies and other technologies on our services that enable ourselves to allow you to navigate/explore our website and use our services. We are also in position to use such tactics just to analyze, interpret and then improve it accordingly.

Other than that, we also optimize the use of tags and scripts on our services or e-mails. These are also helpful in delivering cookies, understanding usage or determining and evaluating no. of visits on our websites, or even the effectiveness by checking whether an email has been opened or acted thereon.

We have a serious interest in getting to know that how are regular customers, users and subscribers make use of our services. And for that we are likely to use you’re your IP address which too helps us in diagnose problems with our server, track visitor activities and collect sufficient database information which further assist us in identifying the preferences of our daily users.

Security of details

We as science lecturer take no guarantee of your login user security against any unauthorized access with the information you gave to us. As this information can be available to anyone with access via servers.

Websites notification

we also let you updated with latest news and updates published on our websites through push notification texts. And such messages only sent to you if you have already allows such push start notification, moreover we didn’t even store any recognizable data or information in regards of you and your device even if you have subscribed to notification.

     And if you urge to unsubscribed to pop ups notification than you just need to go to our official mail account through which we send mail of marketing and updates and unsubscribed there by visiting any mail.

Query, complaint and comment

If you have any questions or concerns about regarding its services than pls go through our contact page and there you find various ways to be in touch with us, you may also gave us your feedback about what you think of our services by writing us down in the comment section.

Data storage and retention

Your personal database is stored by us on our servers. Afterwards, we retain your information as long as you are in agreement with us in regards of authenticate business projects that are came under applicable regulations and laws.

Removal of user info. and deletion of account

Once the user account is created, it will not be removed but the user name can be changed, still we didn’t guarantee you that it should be changed overall.

Information you provide to us:

-logging via social networking handles:

If you login to our services using a social media account like Facebook, twitter than in that case you are allowing our platform to share your privacy details of database with us such as your name, email address, and location which will later used in making you familiar to our website.

Further general info.

You may provide us your email address and that address may be used by us to communicate with you and other users similarly on a wider scale.

If you still need any assistance than we will be here for you, pls reach us out through our contacts or just fill the contact form, we will surely be gets back to you, the moment we receive your form.